A Complete Workshop for Integrating our Spiritual and Financial Lives

To build the financial future you want, where do you begin? Not with your bank account, your paycheck, or 401k-the best place to start is to look within. As successful wealth advisors and dedicated spiritual practitioners, Spencer Sherman and Brent Kessel have discovered that if we disarm the charged emotions and distorted expectations we have about money, the path to prosperity becomes an easier journey. With the Money and Spirit Workshop, Sherman and Kessel . With The Money and Spirit Workshop, they present a unique and powerful program for transforming your financial life-to increase your wealth, support your highest goals, and turn money into a lifelong ally.

Tools for Transforming Your Relationship to Money

Why do we so often entangle our sense of self-worth with our net worth? It is because our subconscious beliefs about money, formed during childhood, are in charge of most of our financial decisions. Using proven tools like the Eight Financial Archetypes and the Money Breath, Sherman and Kessel show you how to reveal-and reshape-your own deepest relationship with money. By transforming your unconscious myths about scarcity, sufficiency, and self-reliance, you can break out of unhealthy patterns around money-and bring your true creativity and wisdom to all your financial decisions.

Practical Guidance from Two Top Wealth Advisors

By understanding and healing your inner relationship with money, you can remove stress, worry and confusion from the nuts-and-bolts of your finances. Offering simple guidelines and emotion-free practices for handling your savings, income, and investments, Sherman and Kessel reveal how you can achieve security and happiness no matter how much money you have. The Money and Spirit Workshop is a comprehensive home-study curriculum to transform your financial life-for lasting fulfillment and prosperity.


  • Your money story-practices for exploring the formative experiences that define your relationship with money today
  • The Money Breath-a central meditative practice for defusing financial anxiety and stress
  • Doing the numbers - how to take the fear and uncertainty out of working with your bills and budgets
  • The Eight Financial Archetypes-a versatile model for understanding your underlying drives and aversions about money
  • Saving, Earning, Giving, and Debt-a step-by-step guide to creating a rewarding and more secure financial life on your current income
  • The Rainbow Portfolio investment strategy-simple rules for an investment plan that targets a sustainable financial future for you as well as a healthy environment for the planet
  • Financial intimacy-how to break the taboos around speaking about money with friends, family, and loved ones and create win/win solutions
  • 8 CDs, 24 reference cards, and a 200-page illustrated workbook-with information and training equal to a thousand-dollar financial seminar at a fraction of the cost
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About the Authors...

Brent KesselBrent Kessel, CFP, is a nationally acclaimed workshop leader, speaker, and cofounder of Abacus Wealth Partners. He is the author of It�s Not About the Money (Harper One, 2008), one of Kiplinger�s Top Five Business Books of the Year, and has been featured in the New York Times and Yoga Journal.

Spencer ShermanSpencer Sherman,MBA, keynote speaker, is the author of the bestseller, The Cure for Money Madness (Random House, 2009). An MBA graduate of The Wharton School, he cofounded Abacus Wealth Partners, and has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal.

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